Peaslee DuMont

03.16.22. Sanctions are targeting Russians with huge wealth. Within our own system, also, huge accumulation of wealth often (always?) happens because of an exploitative relationship to people and the planet.

I want to be moving my attention from a sense of being separate, living on Earth and extracting from her, to a sense of being part of the Inter-Being, living with and for Life. And I can’t do that alone — — we create that new [and very old] consciousness together, with each other and with All Our Relations.

Will you join me on the Way there? We just might be able to shift in time…

Now that possibility is Simply Wonderful!



Amidst the Clamor, “the Fury and the Mire,”

Softness sits silently, creating presence.

Listen! The rain is not loud,

The wet traffic distant,

Intermittent when I let it fade.

Presence assembles, gathers at my call, looks

And listens once again.

All this that is wrapped in

As I stand in awe

Of the world that is wrapped in the rain.

Such vast vistas

as I know lie beyond.

Such vast inner spaces

as I know, wrapped in the heart.

Now the morning sun

transforms the world.

The spider webs appear,

intricate rainbow shimmers in the breeze,

the tree leaves dancing.

Now the world stirs, Stretches in delight.

Visions were there

as I woke — the shimmering

Dissolving bonds, loosening

the old attachments,

Immersing even the “I”

in this new world

Being born.



The Sun appears an orange ball

Of Fire in the sky.

A sudden chorus of barking dogs…

There’s Trouble, walking by.

It’s almost unimaginable,

Just how bad things could be.

Thank goodness that the flowers, and love,

Remind me to be free.



I’ve been Passive this morning,

Waking early, drowsing, lying, sitting, still,

Nearer falling back asleep than “Falling Awake.”

But what a world I receive!

A mocking bird sings, squirrel chatters;

Leaves move in the breeze,

Stalwart trunk stands sentinel.

Beauty abounds, life stirs, as I remember

I’m part of something Awesome, deep and fine.

Then my life stirs, as well.